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In Response to Clonkonaut
Hi everyone!

I've set up a design document including most of what I or other people have written in my threads 'A brief history of resources' I & II as well as some scattered ideas which I gathered around in the forum.

Here it is! The Settlement Design Document.

Most of what I intend to do is written there. I know that there are other ideas but since the overall support in the mentioned threads was very positive, I hope to find some people around here interested in implementing what is in the document to obtain a proper settlement basis.

And just in case: I am aware of this page in the Wiki (Settlement Concept by PeterW) but the intention given there so far is different.

This thread is to manage the development. The todo list is in the document. We need scripting, designing and modeling!
If the thread becomes too confusing I might consider another way of showing Who's working on what.

Last thing, to remind everyone: The default branch of the repository is under a feature freeze. Please develop in the devel branch.

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