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In Response to Ringwaul
I think your "common sense" argument was reasonable, but you're confusing it with your realism argument.

Common sense tells us that a "builder tool" in King Arthur's Gold is used for chopping wood, building castles, and mining rock. But in OpenClonk, it is nonsensical to mine with a clearly defined construction hammer or chop a tree down with a pickaxe. Common sense also could tell us lava could be used for it's "geothermal energy" or some rubbish explanation. As long as the player can make this connection it's fine; whether or not it's realistic is irrelevant.

Common sense = Airship flies around
Realism = Airship must have hydrogren/helium to construct
Anti-common sense = Build a mining-hut to fly to sky-islands
Anti-realism = Airship balloon is far too small to even lift off, but it fits better for clonk landscapes, so :P

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