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In Response to PeterW
To maybe make this more constructive, here's my take on the whole situation:

* Oil is interesting: I think the main problem with it was that it was kind of "auto-pilot to riches" in CR - its gain-to-effort ratio was way too high in relation to, say, gold[1]. So we should think about how to make pumping and barrels more interesting. Making pumps stop once barrels are full might actually have been a misstep? Plus do we really want to use oil for power supply? Maybe we should push it more into the direction of alchemy...

* Lava is interesting, too. But we shouldn't just blindly put it in the place that oil occupied before. I mean, it might actually be a regenerating resource on some maps, that's a fundamental difference. Also note that it is destructive with water. If the player manages to build both a lava as well as a water reserve, we could give powerful rewards. Like giving truly massive amounts of energy?

[1] Strawmans are rude. But come on, give me something to work with here :/

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