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In Response to Clonkonaut
Progress Report

Development of the settlement ceased! I blame myself for being almost unavailable.

I won't sum up the things done so far. I brought the DD up to date, crossed out everything that has been done. But I saw the need to describe the serious tasks waiting for us.

What are we waiting for?

According to the order in the DD:

1. Libraries
Producer is half-way done, lacks the polishing and some minor stuff. But it's okay to implement and test the buildings, future changes won't affect them much.
Workshop isn't touched. It's not that much of a difference from the producer and won't take long when needed.
Testing has been shown that the producer is fine to the point we can make it. Saying that we are reaching the boundaries here. There is no way of proper item/contents handling. The old engine menus are somewhat useless, there is no way to properly interact with the contents of a building (checking, getting; just putting via collection zones is fine). On the side of the people how contributed to the settlement development so far, there is no one (as far as I know) who is able to do anything that comes near the engine changes that are needed for the menu handling concepts.
All we can do is hack our way through the old or the ring menus to get something that works for further testing. So what I want to do right here and right now is to set the ball rolling: Someone take up the menus, OC will need them in the future! Or resume discussion on this if needed.

2. Buildings
The main task in buildings were and are graphics! Ringwaul did some awesome fast jobs on this, providing us with all we have now. But there is more:
- Concepting & modeling for: Armory, Chemical Lab, "Spinning Wheel / Weaving Loom", Inventor's Lab, Shipyard.
- Finishing & texturing for the kitchen:

5 buildings from scratch and "that's it"! (until energy is needed.. ;) )

3. Items
Mainly to do: Cotton, Cloth.
Grenade Launcher and Mechanism are second-rank. Still there is confusion about the mechanism (theory needed on this hasn't been resolve; I have a mere idea on this but nothing of the mentioned tasks comes near something that's in the game right now; like connecting levers and doors).

4. Plants
Ringwaul had some first impression on the big mushrooms but there still missing graphics!
Cotton is untouched.
I have a half finished moss lying around. Scripting's okay and I'll do it, graphic is missing.

5. Material
Second-rank. Crystal is in discussion.

6. Interdisciplinary Connections
I should rather call this 'interdisciplinary disconnections' because that's what they are! As written above, menus are total waste land.
There are ideas on buying/selling but without menus it's pointless. The flagpole is somewhat buggy. I'll see to catch Zapper sometime and ask him if the flag library contains all what is should contain or if there are missing parts (if you read this, Zapper, you might want to write something about this).

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