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In Response to Zapper

>First of all wasn't the flag supposed to be self-constructing (what about deconstructing)?

Mh, I didn't really care for the construction, since I thought there would be a construction library at some point that would care for anything related - should the flag really behave differently from other structures?

>And the markers appear in Construction() but I think Initiliaze() might be better? (just a minor thing of course).

Mh, true. Initialize() should be called at 100% construction - not Construction() - my mistake :)

>The colour was somewhat broken. The markers had the right one, the flag didn't

Mh, I guess that's because I didn't have graphics for the flag back then

>The area from my flag clipped with one from NO_OWNER flags.

Interesting point. How should NO_OWNER flags behave? Should they still keep their influence (no-owner-controlled-village) or should they act as if they were not there?

>I first wanted to ask why it is necessary before touching anything.

For optimization purposes. Especially for the parts for the power system.
It might be unnecessary if the engine knows what objects of a definition (/children of a proplist?) are existent at the moment and FindObject2(Find_ID()) is optimized in that direction (is that so?)

>Can you say a word or two about the two topics mentioned?

The auto-selling would be pretty straight forward. The current idea was (when gold is the only object that can be traded directly (/without something like a trading outpost etc)) to have gold be auto-sold in close proximity to a flag (with a nice effect and some floating dollar signs or something like that.. :)  )

The current plan for the power-chains would be that linked flags (linked by area intersection/touch) would count as "one base" where the energy could be transfered between buildings "wirelessly". (Producer buildings would "connect" to such a "base" and consumer buildings would request power)
I already started the work on the power stuff. So if you want to do something there, I could give you what I currently have (not much - mostly the definition of "linked flags")

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