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In Response to KKenny
Only playable with latest snapshot.


Choose your champion at the beginning / at each respawn and knüppel your enemies to death!
Each champion has 3 more or less unique abilities.


Left click = Sword attack
Right click = Use/Throw item
Double W/A/S/D mid air = Double jump
Space = Blocks most spells near you
Q/E/R = Special abilities of your champion


Electro Man
<insert epic description>

Electro Shot
Launches a fast traveling projectile.

Electro Orb
Launches an orb that will return to you after a while, damaging everything on its path. (Can hit the same clonk twice)

Thunder Strike
Hold R and click within the range indicator to launch the attack at your mouse position. After a short delay it will damage everything in its reach.

Fire Man
<insert epic description>
Immune to flames.

Fire Shot
Launches a projectile that will explode and leave flames when hitting a target / the ground.

Fire Nado
Launches a tornado that will damage enemies and push away spells that can be blocked. Leaves flames when disappearing.

Fire Dash
Click somewhere within the range indicator and your clonk turns into a fireball that flies to your mouse position damaging everything on its way and exploding upon reaching the target location. Also leaves flames.
You cannot aim while charging.

Earth Man
<insert epic description>

Earth Projectile
Launches a ballistic projectile that will bounce off the ground once and explode on contact with enemies.

Earth Wall
Creates a solid wall that absorbs up to 50 damage when clicking within the range indicator.

Big Rock
Launches a giant rock that bounces around the battlefield, damaging everything on its way.

Ninja Man
<insert epic description>
Increased movement speed

Poison Dart
Launches a ballistic projectile that will reduce your targets vision for a short duration

Shadow Walk
Turns your clonk invisible for a short period of time.

Critical Strike
Strong meele attack that flings your targets across the map

Balls Man
<insert epic description>

Attack Order
Your ball moves to your mouse position damaging enemies on the target location.

Home Call
Your ball moves back to you with increased speed damaging everything on its path.
Upon reaching you it grants you a shield that absorbs 15 damage.

Your ball damages everything near it after a small delay.

Time Man
<insert epic description>

Energy Shot
Launches a fast traveling projectile that leaves a mark on your target. Hit again to activate that mark and deal an additional 20 damage.
Not affected by Slowing Field.

Time Travel
First activation leaves a time travel marker on your position that lasts 10 seconds. Activate again to travel back to that location and deal damage to anyone near it.
As soon as you start traveling the marker will be revealed to other players.
Time Travel also triggers the energy shot mark.

Slowing Field
Hold R and click within the range indicator to create a field that slows everything in its range.

Hook Man
<insert epic description>

Sends out a hook that will connect to enemy clonks or the landscape and pulls you to your target. Activate again mid air to connect to the background.

Explosive Hook
Sends out a hook that will explode on contact with enemies.

Launches a sawblade that will travel around the landscape. Hit it with your hook to make it jump!

Laser Man - contributed by Zapper
<insert epic description>

Laser Star
Does laser star things.

Laser Ray
Fires a bouncing laser ray after charging.

Laser Blink
Instantaneously teleports you to another location. Enemies touched by the ray will be tumbled.

Ice Man - contributed by Zapper
<insert epic description>

Ice Ball
Launches a projectile that will explode after a time or when it hits.

Fires a bunch of ice shards. Ratatatatata!

Hail Storm
Spawns 6 ice shards that work like described above.

Bomb Man - contributed by Zapper
<insert epic description>

Sticky Bomb
Throws a sticky bomb that sticks to material or Clonks.

Blow Up
Blows up all existing sticky bombs.

Bomb Magnet
Click on a position to let all nearby bombs jump towards it.

Great Leader Man - contributed by Zapper
<insert epic description>

Rocket Peon
Launches a homing rocket that explodes on contact.

Aim & Fire
All existing minions will shoot an arrow at the target location.

Spawn Peon
Spawns a new minion at your location.

Flash Man - contributed by K-Pone

Launches a projectile that fires 3 lasers after 25 frames. Everything that gets hit by the lasers while take damage. Lasers strike through walls.

Launches a projectile that flings everything it hits around. The projectile explodes with fireworks after 180 frames.

Super Spectral Lazor
Fires the Super Spectral Lazor in the direction you aimed. The Lazor strikes through walls.

<h3>Game modes</h3>

Bomb Run
Each level has a ball that starts in the middle of the playing field. Your team scores by getting the ball through the enemy team's hoop.
Each champion can only be chosen once per team per round. You have to stick with your champion till the end of a round.
You get increased mana regeneration on your half of the map.

<h3>Scenario Parameters</h3>

Champ Selection

Normal      Choose from all the champions
Random      Choose between two random champions
Rotation    Every player gets the same champion

Relaunchs    - Amount -

Incr. Mana Reg.    Faster mana regeneration and shorter block cooldown.

Instagib      Kill with one shot 

Items      Enables item spawns

Black Hole
Rubber Ducky of doom
Monster Ball
Super Berry

<h3>ToDo (unsorted)</h3>

- More sounds so every spell sounds different
- Different (team) game modes (Next: Domination)
- More maps
- Some sort of ghost cam with special abilities for eliminated players.
- More decoration for the existing maps... where can i steal some?!
- A coop adventure... but I'm too lazy for that.
- A parcour scenario (still lazy)

OpenClonk crashes almost every time you finish a round.

<h3>Special Thanks</h3>

Zapper for helping with a lot of stuff.

"Is very good" - Random guy from the internet (2016)
"10/10 would buy again" - boni (1992)

I'm always happy to receive feedback.

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