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In Response to Marky
The skeleton contains animations, those are taken from Actions.txt, yes. In my test scenario I exported a Clonk and gave it its own definition, then I let my crew member take the graphics of that object with SetGraphics(). Then the vertex assignments are wrong, compared to the original clonk => the fingers and legs look warped, for example.

I tried decompiling the skeleton file of the OC 7.0 clonk to compare them, but that does not work:
20:52:11: OGRE EXCEPTION(7:InternalErrorException): Invalid file: version incompatible, file reports [Serializer_v1.80] Serializer is version [Serializer_v1.10] in Serializer::readFileHeader at ..\..\..\..\OgreMain\src\OgreSerializer.cpp (line 258)

Unfortunately, the only version of OgreXmlConverter.exe that I found on the ogre website has Serializer_v1.10. Where can I get a newer one? The ogre manual says something about downloading ogre and compiling it to get the .exe, but I do not want to do this.

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