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In Response to -GEN- Wipf
Here are my edits of some Arena scenarios:


ThunderousSkies: ParameterDefs

RockBottom, Overcast: ParameterDefs, you can choose between lms and dm as goal

FrozenFortress: ParameterDefs, mapchanges (2nd way to flag) , new Frostboltscroll

Hideout: ParameterDefs, mapchanges (a way to skip the first doors)

MoltenMonarch: ParameterDefs, mapchanges (more open landscape, more lava)

Ruins: ParameterDefs, Deathmatch as Goal, mapchanges (harder to camp)

ScorchedGardens: ParameterDefs, Deathmatch as goal, new map (more action), windbag for more action

All scenarios made by Mimmo: Change the "hideout" title in every script to the real title. ;)

FrozenFortress and RockBottom will be updated by me soon (just some fixes and a little feature)

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