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In Response to Clonkonaut
I fiddled around again for another hour or two. Having Randrian's exporter work with Blender v2.76b isn't too difficult, just commenting out the three lines that apply rotation/scale/position as these need some kind of context and I don't fully get Blender plugin programming.
For testing purposes, I added an option to not export with the DummyRootBone. Turns out, that is not really the problem here. The order in which the bones are exported has changed as well. So all vertex assignments connect to a different bone ID. I don't know if it's even possible or desirable to revert the blend-file to a state in which it was when the current exports where being done.

However, this does mean, re-exporting the adventurer clonk means re-exporting all the skins and fix those (the farmer esp.). Animations are luckily linked to the bone names (which actually is why Marky's skin exports work), so it's probably possible to use the old animations and copy those from the skeleton file. Not ideal though, if we want to get to a working and exportable clonk model. In that case, animations need fixing. Oh dear.

ScaleTop is broken right now, with twisted ankles (see screenshot). I fear that this got something to do with it. I already mentioned the eyes often being detached from the animation. And yeah. I haven't look at all the animations. When it comes to to the blend file, I don't know where to find the animations, to be honest. There are multiple armatures in there and I don't know how that works. I can't get the NLA Editor to actually display me the animations. They get exported, so they must be somewhere. But I don't know where to look. Does anyone know?

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