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In Response to Randrian
After a lot of work with Python scripts in Blender, I now have a new version of the exporter working!
The current version now includes all necessary files within Blender, so no need to install anything. Just open the clonk.blend file and go.

In order to start the additional interface, you have to click "Reload trusted" in the middle of the top widget of the window.

To export the clonk now select the clonk object and hit the button "Export Mesh" or "Export Skeleton" in the right pane of the 3D view window. The names of the files are configured so that they can be directly used in Clonk.

So this should be the easiest possible version of an exporter for our Clonks. No installation just one Click and you get the correctly exported files.

or well so far the theory ;-) we still have to see if other people can also use it. To clariy some details, I want to write a tutorial. Where would be the best place to put a tutorial? In the Docs wiki probably?

And here is the link to try the exporter:

Feedback is appreciated, and some features are still planned, like exporting single animations.

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