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In Response to Produzilla
You both are correct, it was a bit late that evening and i made some stupid copy and paste errors.. I fixed the mistakes, but it still doesent work. The engine says now, that it coudln't load the *.jpg files and the materila for mesh cannot be found.. :

[12:36:19] Failed to read material script: C:\OpenCkonk Modding\eclipse workspace\Openclonk\NewWeaponDevelopmentTest.ocs\Clonk.ocd/Scene.material:24: Could not load texture 'clonkAdventurer.jpg'
[12:36:19] Failed to load mesh in definition C:\OpenCkonk Modding\eclipse workspace\Openclonk\NewWeaponDevelopmentTest.ocs\Clonk.ocd: The material referenced by a mesh or submesh is not defined

@Randrian: I've sent  my files to you via dropbox.

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