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In Response to Clonkonaut
I tested around and exporting definitely works. However, I can't get it to export a material file or recognise a material file, I copypasted from the original clonk modell.

I am also still completely helpless when it comes to animating new things. I started out copying the 'AimArmsGeneric.R' animation and tried making a different aiming animation. However, when moving these constraints around, I get the weirdest results and I have no idea how to solve those (these are completely unrelated to your changes, mind you, I had similar results before).

If anyone has any suggestions on how to deal with this, It'd be much appreciated.

Moving the left arm around, twists the shoulder:

Rotating the left arm around, twists the wrist:

In my very first attempt (some time ago now), I proceeded to micro manage all the twisted bones and untwisted them until it looked good in Blender. When exporting, animation looks completely different from what it does in Blender and it just doesn't work.

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