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In Response to Produzilla
I also tested the model alot and for me it works very fine. only thing: sometimes blender crashes without any log message while switching keyframes in posemode..but good old "save after every change" keeps this problem small..

@Clonkonaut may be i could help you with new animations for the clonk. i already made alot in the old clonk.blend file for CR an right now i made two new animations for the OC Clonk : AimLow and AimHigh. Im going to add several reload an shooting  animations  and so on.. I also scripted some modifikations for the exact weapon position depending on the aimmode and i added a muzzleflash effect with an attached mesh so tha the "muzzle flash" fits always the perfect position, even while walking or fast chnages in the aim_angle.

@Randrian : Thumbs Up for that nice blendfile, it mades my stepover to OC finally happen ;) One tipp for your tutorial: you should also give a hint that you have to add the new actions also in the actions.txt file, which has to be in the same folder as the *blend file. took me some time to figure out why the new actions in blender weren't exported to the *.skeleton file...^^

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