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- - By K-Pone [de] Date 2009-06-17 19:40
Well, I know a good plugin from un4seen which is called BASS. With BASS you are able to play sound files like Wave, MP3, OGG, WMA and many more, and with plugins you're also able to play MIDI files by using a soundfont, mix sounds and music and add effects, and much more. I know it's free for non-commercial usage, a single commercial licence costs 950€, an unlimitted commercial licence costs 2450€. A shareware license costs 100€, but isn't compatible with open clonk because to obtain a shareware licence you have to sell the product for 40€ or more and open clonk is free because it's open source.
An example where BASS is used is Engine001, a freeware Action/RPG Maker.

How do you think it would be to use BASS in open clonk?
Parent - - By Günther [de] Date 2009-06-17 19:42
I won't be using any libraries which aren't Free Software.
Parent - By K-Pone [de] Date 2009-06-17 19:43
because open clonk is totally free, right?
Parent - - By Zapper [de] Date 2009-06-17 20:07
Since all the developers of OpenClonk are doing that as a kind of hobby you will propably find noone to spend that much money for such a hobby project.
Parent - - By Sven2 [us] Date 2009-06-17 21:07
"it's free for non-commercial usage"

It's pretty much the same as fmod; both in licence and in functionality. So I don't really see the point in changing anything.
Parent - - By K-Pone [de] Date 2009-06-18 16:50
Maybe, but can FMOD use soundfonts (SF2) to play MIDI files? I guess most PCs use the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synthesizer to play MIDI files, but that often sounds terrible.
Parent - - By Zapper [de] Date 2009-06-18 17:07
So lets use ogg instead of midis then.
Parent - By K-Pone [de] Date 2009-06-19 18:51
Parent - - By Sven2 [us] Date 2009-06-18 20:21
I don't know. MIDI is kind of outdated anyway.
Parent - - By zagabar [se] Date 2009-06-22 22:48
MIDI as fileformat yes. Totally worthless IMO. At least for listening. MIDI as studio equipment is totally awesome. I use it all the time.
Parent - - By K-Pone [de] Date 2009-06-23 13:35
Yes, MIDI is quite useful for connecting instruments with each other or with my pc or any other MIDI device
Parent - By zagabar [se] Date 2009-06-25 18:19
Yeah, exactly.
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