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- By Newton [de] Date 2012-05-21 20:06 Edited 2012-05-21 21:06
Today, I opened up a new board, Help and Questions. So far, we both kinda missed a central place for people who got technical problems launching the game, playing online games, compiling, setting up a build environment etc. and a place where people can post when they got general questions about the project or the game.

I just finished moving all the previous "help!" threads to this board. Questions that are frequently asked could be subsequently added and answered in the FAQ. If you want to do a great service to the community, you can extend the FAQ with some helpful entries, just post your Questions+Answers here and I will put them on the page!

Next to come

A board Community Creations where community members con post their own creations and mods for OpenClonk that are not intended as contributions to the "original" game content. This can be anything from models (meshes) and other art over additional objects, scenarios (levels) to full mods. Only limitation: it must be finished, no work in progress.

You can help out here too, a lot even, especially if you want to spice up your Perl skills as this forum software is written in perl. For the mentioned board, I need a "I like it" extension which should be quite similar in functionality as the like/+1 button of facebook/google+. Technically, much of the code can be copied from the quite similar addons Thank Poster and Rate Post
Reply to this post if you are interested to take on the task!
Up Topic General / Announcements / New board: Help and Questions (locked)

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