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- - By Newton [de] Date 2012-11-19 00:07
Here is the full list changelog for our bugfix release (acquired via: hg log --branch stable-5.3 --template "- -{desc|firstline}\n")

- Added tag release-5.3.2 for changeset a3e9cf2b0d46
- Don't assume char to be unsigned when generating packet header
- Fix sync loss and missing landscape or objects when joining two consecutive games without restarting the engine inbetween
- Use uint8_t consistently for UDP status packet byte
- Fix elevator case to properly carry lorries (#844)
- the elevator forcefully takes pushable objects with it now until the SolidMask bug is fixed
- Added dummy object to fix script error
- Nicer smoke for chemlab
- Airship: modules delete themselves when airship is removed
- fixed possible zero pointer error
- ScorchedGardens Scenario.txt title fix
- elevator now catches fire when case is destroyed (#822)
- Added untextured Inventor's Lab 3D graphics (uv-map ready to paint)
- Correctly direct player from tutorial 4 to 5
- updated StartupScenSelIcons.png again
- Updated shovel graphics
- Tutorial 4 leads to Tutorial 5 on completion, as per the others
- Waterfall actually uses the mat defined in the CreateWaterfall function
- Allow PlaceGrass function to limit vertical area of grass placement
- Removed cannon debug message
- Never do this again
- Fixed a c4script runtime error in tutorial 3
- Objects: Added a waterfall and drain
- Fixed time of day in tutorial 4
- Tweaked shield animation
- fix hide stars and moon during day
- dont draw stars and moon at all during the day, only fade all celestial objects and cloud on dawn and dusk (performance optimization)
- made the night sky more beautiful with stars
- adapt cycle speed to new meaning
- make day->night->day fading smoother,
- Fix sequence combo key assignments so they don't break when mouse movment is assigned to a control
- Editor: Fix handling of erronous map indices by material picker
- Use floating point numbers for C4Facet coordinates
- make sky background in gold rush parallax
- update credits
- new uv for coniferous tree
- Improved chemlab's graphics
- Nicer wood graphics
- Shipyard texture
- Temporary fix for "826: Can't dig out of sand if you're trapped in it"
- Balloon: fixed "jump" when deploying
- #374 Missing graphics: Scoreboard of Parkour and LastManStanding - Finished
- Fix sword rotation on clonk's back
- Pickaxe: Only hold the pickaxe in hand when swinging
- Fixed shield clipping through clonk's backpack
- Fixed rotation offset of secondary tool when using shield in primary hand
- Remove debug log from airship
- Clonk.skeleton: Accidentally exported at the wrong animation rate
- Clonk.skeleton: Fixed bow aim animation being incorrectly rotated 180░
- Clonk: All skins share Clonk.ocd directory and Clonk.skeleton. Nicer looking pickaxe animation.
- Fixed Boompack components - 1 PowderKeg, 1 Sulphur
- #858: Palm trees no longer drop coconuts after being chopped down
- Fixed shield acting as though it was always pointing up.
- Do not clip parallax objects (fix disappearing moon, #575)
- Move the elevator case behind airships
- removing and adding Rule_NoPowerNeed while consumers are active has now the expected behavior (#828)
- rewritten elevator case to be less hacky and adjusted its power-consumption-behavior
- fix attachment position of the CTF-flag (fixes not being able to score points in CTF)
- fixed the shield always force-turning the Clonk
- Reset default material zoom level to 4
- Fixed CompileFunc entry for MaterialZoom
- Officially make BROKEN_ARRAYS_WORKAROUND the default
- Made material zoom configurable
- Fixed Hideout doors again
- Fixed production menus: show knowledge of accessor (#850)
- Fixed volcano lava chunks
- fix tree chopping
- Drop all but first texture coordinate set from mesh files
- Fixed flag markers not fading out
- Fixed wooden cabin collecting objects dropped from a contained clonk
- fix possible problems with several monitors on windows
- fix odd cursor jumping on mousewheel use on windows (#439)
- Fixed carry heavies attaching at wrong point whilst scaling/hangling etc.
- rule fade out idle objects: only remove unstuck objects (#773/#841)
- make script function GetMaterialVal work as documented in the reference
- icon button text shall not overlap with icon image (#767)
- Collision vertex cleanup for axe, pickaxe, and sickle
- Clonks do not collect stuff when inside a container (f.e. a respawn-helper-object)
- fix #436: throw objects into walls
- re-added Place() function for sprout berry bushes again, it never inherited from Library_Plant and uses a bit more sophisticated placement that is in sync with some of its behavior
- fixed the pump's irritating power consumption
- power system's light bulbs are now in front of game-objects (f.e. trees)
- burning objects do not incinerate in or into containers anymore; adjusted fire spreading a bit
- fixed sproutberry harvesting
- weakened the stone doors in FrozenFortress to standard maxdamage (300 -> 180 = ~9 flints)
- removed some completely arbitrary MaxPlayer entries
- Clonk. Now with 65% better grammar.
- Fixed gravestone c&p failure
- Fixed a few C4Script runtime errors
- Fixed gravestone rule and added it to the arenas
- #809 Coal is more visible in menus
- Hideout: fixed stuck stone doors
- fix #821: Can't release lorry
- Removed debug log in construction site
- Fix format string use
- clonk can drop items in the water, similarly to how it worked in CR
- remove description from goal in the game over dialog
- Reduce rain in Goldrush
- fix update system - can now update from 3.0 to 3.1
- Fixed c4script runtime error in Scorched Gardens
- Fixed Scorched Garden weapon list message
- Post-release bump to 5.3.2
Parent - - By Fluff [gb] Date 2012-11-19 22:41

>Never do this again

Parent - By Pyrit Date 2012-11-19 22:45
Looks like someone misspelled some functions :D
Parent - By PeterW [gb] Date 2012-11-20 00:51
Could we again have some sort of prefix for commits that we don't want to appear in change lists, because they are most likely completely uninteresting to normal people? It seems kind of pointless to have, say, the uint8_t change appear in there...
Parent - By J. J. [py] Date 2012-11-24 13:38
I'm impressed at what you have done in the 5.3.2 release very well done and lots of bug fixes were done. :D
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