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- By Pyrit Date 2013-05-26 00:10 Edited 2013-05-26 00:13
So here's the scenario about nuts I made.

Short desc. :

Suddenly nuts! Everyone wants them! Collect as many as you can, but watch out! Your enemies want to have all nuts for themselves, too. Shoot them with your arrows to steal their nuts! Protect yourself from their projectiles with your shield and be the one  that has the most nuts in their pockets when the time runs out!

So yeah, it is definitely playable, I even added a self drawn graphic for the nuts. :3 Some sounds are missing though, because they weren't CC 3.0. I couldn't find fitting sounds that are CC, because I was too busy playing minecraft. (Nothing important, but it was better with the sounds.) Sounds that are missing are:
- hitsound.ogg: some cartoonish fling sound, when a nut flies away. Like a bullet that hits something hard solid and bounces off.
- smb_warning.ogg: a sound effect that gives a warning and tells the players to hurry up, because the time runs out. (I used the Super Mario Bros. time-warning sound)
- eat.ogg: a sound when a nut gets collected
- victory.ogg: a victory fanfare, or some similar short funny winning music when the winning clonk starts breakdancing.

I let all the Sound() commands in the script, so the only thing that needs to be done is to add the files with a corresponding name. Yeah, but it is fully playable so have fun, I guess! :)

I hereby license the file Nuts.ocs under the CC-BY license

I hereby license the file title.jpg under the CC-BY license
Attachment: Nuts.ocs (127k)
Up Topic Community / Player Creations / Nuts!

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