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- - By Fungiform Date 2013-09-13 20:01
For the graphics creations it would be nice to have pictures of the buildings/objects we already have. With that it would be easy to create a prototype of the game 2d graphics software.
So, what would be the best way to get pictures of the actual game buildings on transparent background?
For newcomers it would be more easy to adapt the current style and get an overview of existing stuff.

I already did something like a clonk prototype some time ago for myself. With this its easy to place objects, adjust the size, check grey values or make other changes.
Again, I used my versions of the buildings as I don't have easily accessible pictures of the actual ones.

(I know, this one looks more like the old clonk)

Parent - By Newton [vn] Date 2013-09-14 08:20
For testing how the structures, landscape and objects go together, I would suggest that you create a scenario in the experimental folder that just spawns all the buildings and items on a typical landscape. You can then take screenshots of that scene then and compare them.
Parent - - By Matthias [de] Date 2013-09-14 11:31
Regardless how the prototype solution will look in the end, it should probably include the option to display everything before different colored skies (Night, Lava world, ...).
Parent - By Fungiform Date 2013-09-14 15:45
if we decide for values/saturation it would be definitely helpful to use layer adjustments. I think I will just cut the stuff out of screenshots if there is no easy way to render the things on transparent background.
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