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- - By Newton [th] Date 2013-11-12 07:02 Edited 2013-11-12 15:19
This is a short guide that should help understanding our workflow in the bugtracker. If everyone adheres to this guide, we will have a much better overview over the open bugs. I know that currently many bugs are not set correctly but lets work towards changing that in the future.

Setting the right bug status

To provide a better overview over the open bugs, here are the explanations of the bug statuses how we use them:

Incoming ticket. The Product Version field is filled in to indicate in which release the bug occurred. Leave empty and instead mention it in the description for some development version.

We are awaiting some reply or additional information from the reporter or from some particular developer. Currently no action required from the (other) developers.

Can be reproduced, the problem is clarified.

Enough information is supplied to just begin working on the bug: the cause of the bug and a way how to solve it is clear. For feature requests: Yes, will be done.

Assignee is currently working on it or the assignee reserved himself an unimportant todo-like task. In both cases, the ticket is irrelevant for any other developers. If you know that X had been working on feature Y and this is a Y-related bug, do not assign it to him. Instead, you can put him on the list of users monitoring this issue to inform him about (updates) of this bug.S

Done. The Fixed in Version field is filled in to indicate in which release it will be solved. There is an overview on the changelog page.

Issues that are resolved and tested to be resolved. Issues that were resolved for a published release can be assumed closed.


Developers (not reporters, please) can use the priority field to be able sort the bugs by importance. Here are some examples / rough descriptions of different priorities:

A nice-to-have feature or minor tweak that on the other hand needs quite some amount of work to resolve. These should be displayed at the end of the list as these are often not even bugs but suggestions how to make the game better.

Minor issues that do not influence the game experience or issues that occur rarely for few people / under weird conditions. Features that make the game better.

Any other issues.

Issues that screw up the game experience: Crashes, problems with starting OpenClonk or working with C4DT, the website, etc. altogether.

This priority is reserved for issues that are worse than a crashes. What is worse than a crash? Only something that is keeping us developers from working on it, e.g. blockers in the development environment. Or, let's say we want to release and discover that the build system is not working. Or that one particular issue is causing the release not to work correctly. Stuff like that.

We don't use this category.

Must be resolved until

If one issue should be resolved before a certain version is released, regardless of it's priority, use the field Target Version. Issues that are tagged with a target version are displayed on the roadmap page. Thus, the bugtracker can be used to include tickets for features that should turn up in version X, not only bugs.
Parent - - By Sven2 [de] Date 2013-11-12 12:53

> Feedback
> We are awaiting some reply or additional information from the reporter. Currently no action required from the developers.

Should we then assign the ticket to the person we're awaiting feedback from? Sometimes it may not be feedback from the reporter, but from someone else.
Parent - By Newton [th] Date 2013-11-12 15:19
ok, changed
- By Isilkor Date 2015-12-02 02:04
[This might only concern people with "Developer" status on mantis.]
If you think that someone in particular has knowledge about a bug or can fix it, please use the "Send a reminder" link at the top of the bug instead of manually adding them to the monitoring list. Monitoring doesn't send any notification to the user, so they probably won't even know it happened. If you send a reminder, they will be added to the monitoring list anyway, and you get to write a note explaining why they're the one who should look at it. This note will also get sent via e-mail.
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