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- - By ala [de] Date 2014-08-13 10:45 Edited 2014-08-13 10:55
Did some sound design yesterday. Tell me what you think of them :)
If you have any requests - put them into the list of wanted sounds. Can't promise any big results, but I'll try.

I hereby license the file Alarm.wav under the CC-BY license
I hereby license the file Cancel.wav under the CC-BY license
I hereby license the file EatFruit.wav under the CC-BY license
I hereby license the file StepOnLeaves.wav under the CC-BY license
I hereby license the file StepOnLeavesWinter.wav under the CC-BY license
Attachment: Alarm.wav (121k)
Attachment: Cancel.wav (51k)
Attachment: EatFruit.wav (193k)
Attachment: StepOnLeaves.wav (210k)
Attachment: StepOnLeavesWinter.wav (210k)
Parent - By ala [de] Date 2014-11-17 14:54
Tried some underwater Sounds today:
Attachment: Underwater_1.wav (55k)
Attachment: Underwater_2.wav (55k)
Attachment: Underwater_3.wav (55k)
Attachment: Underwater2_1.wav (55k)
Attachment: Underwater2_2.wav (55k)
Attachment: Underwater3_1.wav (55k)
Attachment: Underwater3_2.wav (55k)
Parent - - By ala [de] Date 2014-11-17 15:01
Likewise with music - I'd like some interaction with developers. With sounds this is especially necessary. If I have no clue at all - if what I do is accepted or not, and if it will make it inside the game or not - I'm just psychologically not so sure about putting more and more time into it.
Parent - By Sven2 Date 2014-11-17 15:06
I'm very busy atm, but I started work on the context-sensitive atmosphere for music+sound. I'll tell you when I have a test bed and see what is missing.
Parent - - By ala [de] Date 2014-11-21 16:42
Tried monster sounds today.
Attachment: DragonGrowl_1.wav (132k)
Attachment: DragonGrowl_2.wav (152k)
Attachment: DragonSniff_1.wav (211k)
Attachment: DragonSnore_1.wav (132k)
Attachment: DragonSnore_2.wav (132k)
Attachment: DragonWind_1.wav (244k)
Attachment: DragonWind_2.wav (250k)
Parent - - By B_E Date 2014-12-12 17:29
These sound great, some are a bit woody though. Especially DragnonSniff_1 sounds like a stick scratching against a rock.
Parent - By ala [de] Date 2014-12-13 14:34
Good ear, wood was indeed involved! You're right, I might tweak the sounds some more. Thanks for the feedback.
Parent - By Pyrit Date 2014-12-05 01:00
Some ppl agreed the current button click sound is too "aggressive".. Small thing, but yea.
- - By ala Date 2015-02-28 15:18
I'm going to schedule some bigger sound recording, also with voice - but only if someone from the team is going to work with me for building them in and also giving some feedback. Also requests can be made in terms of which sounds are needed.
Parent - By Maikel Date 2015-02-28 15:46
Cool, here is a possible outdated list.
Parent - By Pyrit Date 2015-02-28 19:17
There needs to ba a good swimming sound. The current one is more like something falling in the water.
- By ala [de] Date 2016-01-06 23:54
I uploaded all currently unused Milestone Sounds (around 150) to the ressources-repository, feel free to add them to the game. (and cross them out of the ressources repository and the author txt if you do)
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