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- - By Fluff [gb] Date 2015-01-01 02:09
How shameful. What must you all think of me? I was distracted playing the Final Fantasy X/X-2 ps3 remake, because that's what I'm cool enough to be doing on New Year's Eve/Day.

Y'know, last year I actually wrote something personal out, then deleted it and posted some blah about video games. Speaking of: Metal Gear Solid V, Spring 2015. Do want.

Hope you all had a merry winter-located holiday-based gift-exchange-period. See you all next year.
Parent - By Sven2 [de] Date 2015-01-01 11:49
Thanks for not forgetting us. I think 2015 will be the year when Clonk will finally become famous and played by millions of players worldwide!
Parent - By Zapper [de] Date 2015-01-01 14:47
Happy and productive new year to you all, too!

I am sureā„¢ that 2015 will be the year where we have working Controls, Lights and Heavy Resources and active players with at least one running game at any time!
- By Fluff [gb] Date 2015-01-03 18:17
Last night I dreamed I was playing Clonk again. It was a bit of a surreal map. I started off with one clonk in the (vertical) middle of the map, but actual spawn-point was semi-random, so sometimes I would just get stuck in lava and die instantly. Below my clonk were gold and iron and such, and above him was a flooded cave where a previous mining expedition was trapped, and I could find the clonks there who joined my team. Except most of them then drowned or got eaten by sharks or whatever. Then I was suddenly in a first-person-view of what my clonk was seeing, and I swam out of the water so fast I flew into the air and landed in what seemed to be a shelf in an abandoned library. I found a coat there, and I recognised it as mine, and I noticed there were more of my clothes and stuff there, and I realised my stuff had been dumped there because I had been evicted from my flat.

I'm not sure if I'm taking too many pills or not enough.
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