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Parent - - By Sven2 [de] Date 2015-02-22 19:47
For the fragile part, what do you think about changing it such that it has to be carried through the spiral? It could be beamed down to you and arrive at the nearest wormhole (or at the central wormhole if you want to be evil). Then you have to bring it outside according to some rules. I think it would make the map a bit more interesting because it would force you to actually do something in the spiral other than escaping it. Some ideas for behaviour:

1. You have to teleglove it to the container without touching any material (might need a solution for single player)

2. The part has to stay hot. It is created in lava and you have to pump small basins of lava lakes on the way into which you can throw the part between small carrying intervals (of e.g. 3 seconds, depending on difficulty settings). You can carry it by hand or tele glove.

3. The part is alive and not collectible. It always flies away from you. You have to drive it to the cage. That's similar to the arrows in Seven Keys, but it cannot go through solid and maybe it could also jump around randomly a bit to avoid it getting stuck.

4. The part is alive and always moves towards you if it finds your clonk. However, it will also kill you (similar to the Zap in Seven Keys). But you can keep it at a distance e.g. by carrying one or more wind bags.

5. Really evil variant: The part is is not collectible but must be pushed and spawns in the center of the map. You have to carry it all the way using elevators, loam bridges, etc. To make it slightly less evil, you could allow the wind bag to push it. Or make it have multiple corners and allow the tele glove to pick up one of the corners (so you can rotate it with the tele glove).

6. Instead of spawning at a wormhole, the part could also spawn at a random location so you have to search it first

7. The part is electric and instantly beams away as you approach it. You have to pour water over it to break the beaming circuits and then you can collect it.

Of course if the scenario gets too hard then maybe you'd need more gold to buy extra clonks.
Parent - By Maikel Date 2015-02-22 19:56
I like the first variant where it is fragile but only explodes on Hit() so you can let it rest (Earthquakes will make this a lot harder, for the harder difficulties. And yes it should be spawned in the middle wormhole, so that you are forced to either carry the explosive to the frame or to move the frame through the spiral.

I will make the frame a bit smaller and elevator ready for this purpose.

A different part could be based on another idea you have here.
- By Maikel Date 2018-01-27 18:50
The monster returns! But soon it will be easier due to cable cars, which make the landscape much more navigable. I'll try to get out a version one the cable cars have made it to Object.ocd.
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