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- - By vagner Date 2016-04-25 13:41
I am not good like a lot of people here, but i tryed to import ekereload for  openclonk.
How i was working alone, some old graphics was not changed.

Maybe will have a lot of bugs.
I did two missions, one is the arso-morf. It is a copy from the old pack, the other is only a small and test map.
Parent - By Armin [de] Date 2016-04-25 21:53
Good pack! The stippel are awesome as always.
Parent - - By jok Date 2016-05-04 22:40
I'd prefer to rename "EkePack". I suggest "EKEOpenclonk" or "EkeOC" instead of "EkePack".
Parent - By vagner [br] Date 2016-05-30 22:38
good idea, i am not working more in this project, but if you want change it, go ahead.
Parent - By Zeer [de] Date 2016-06-02 02:13
really good pack. I just think the OC music is not fitting well in this sort of gameplay.
Parent - By ala [de] Date 2016-06-03 22:08 Edited 2016-06-03 22:12
É joga-se como Eke de CR com as vantagens adicionais dos ângulos do mouse e a ótima visibilidade restrita. Infelizmente eu tendo para me-fixo no elevador muitas vezes. Mas eu acho que é uma questão de os objetos original de Open Clonk, mas eu me-fixei na porta também! Esse screenshot mostra um erro da visibilidade, se alguém quer melhorar ela.

Eu percebo que o cronômetro da bomba conta bem rápido. Explodi diretamente. Foi mais divagar em CR, não é?

Perdoe os erros em português.


Wow, that must have been a lot of work! It really feels just like CR Eke with the added benefit of all mouse angles and awesome Fog of War. Unfortunately I tend to get stuck in the elevator very often. But that is a issue with the main package I guess, but I also got stuck in the door! That screenshot also has a tiny FoW fragment in case someone (PeterW, ck?) is still working on the FoW.

I noticed the bomb timer ticks down very fast. I blew myself right up. Wasn't it slower in CR?
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