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- - By Maikel Date 2017-01-19 16:15 Edited 2017-01-21 22:00
Dear clonkers, league activity has been very low in OC and I hope we can revive this a little by creating a new league. One for defense scenarios, all of them currently found in Defense.ocf. I added a new scenario in which you can build up your settlement while defending, so it has more strategic elements compared to the existing ones. I also started a test league to see if things work.

The actual idea for the league and the scenarios is the following:
* Scenarios have waves with attackers and there are infinite waves (the waves get harder so you won't survive forever).
* You always win the round and get a number of league points according to the number of waves you survived.
* Each of the rounds has a maximum number of players allowed, as in the settlement league.
* Some exceptional enemies also give you league points.

The current rounds Fight for Gidl and The Guardians of Windmills have a fixed number of waves, but I plan to make them have infinite and make them work with the new defense goal. If there are any objections to that let me know.

I would be happy if some feedback and ideas would be posted here. And am also happy to test some time (~soon).
Parent - - By ala [de] Date 2017-01-19 20:22
Are there enough scenarios? Maybe make them part of a Adventure league (potential adventure scenarios can be added somewhere in the unknown future)?

In the CR League both genres were also mixed.
Parent - - By Maikel Date 2017-01-19 21:08
Might be good yes, we can always merge leagues later as well. Were there defense scenarios in CR?
Parent - - By ala [de] Date 2017-01-19 21:26
Well, not exactly like in OC - but similar. this one from asiaclonk. Might have been the only one in the league.

Quite similar to OC is that one here: ( There sould be a Clonk History Project-2 remake somewhere.. no idea where. )
Parent - By Clonkonaut [de] Date 2017-01-19 21:47
Isn't Lamers a defense scenario?
Parent - By Caesar [de] Date 2017-01-21 21:36
When posting league URLs, you need to replace the [ by %5B and the ] by %5D. (And yes, we should fix that somewhere. Probably in the league codeā€¦)
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