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- By Apfelclonk Date 2017-08-14 17:22
I've played the first three tutorials since it was mentioned these should be well rounded.
So few things to mention:

- In the german description if the third tutorial is a small typo right in the beginnging where it says "Wipfdort" instead of "Wipfdorf".
- Generally it would be more aesthetic if one would not come that close to the border, instead some well decorated landscape. But I guess that would be lot of work, if you have to move the objects and the landscape.
- Tutorial3: If I've seen right the player says to the lumberjack "Ich werde dir Stein finden" but I think it would be correct "Ich werde dir Stein suchen/Ich werden Stein für dich finden"
- A more general thing: The Sawmill sounds like a petrol driven engine but relies on electricity :I
- Another localization, but not so grammar nazi-ish, aspect: When one is commanded to ask the lumberjack for metal and wood its said "Rede nochmal mit dem Holzfäller", but I think "Vielleicht kann uns die Holzfällerin da weiterhelfen" would be more appropriate.
- What really made me stumble for a minute was the arrow in the second tutorial, which points towards the flints. Its said to collect those, but it never stops demanding. That made me feel like the tutorial crashed and I cannot proceed. Probably it should check for at firestone in the inventory.
- Another general thing: Is it possible to turn off calulating shadows for the arrows and instead render them homogenous by an avarage light value. I think the mesh in general has some issues with the light (there are some artifacts around the middle part) but it also looks weird when half of the arrow is lit heavily and the other is dark.

Hope that helps, I will play the other tutorials another time.

PS. It would be really awesome to have an animation to cuddle wipfes =3
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