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- - By Armin Date 2017-09-10 21:52 Edited 2017-09-12 13:06
An interested friend wanted to play OpenClonk and I watched him while he played through nearly all tutorials and took notes. He never played Clonk before except of one scenario: He played a little bit of Maze where scaling did more harm than good to him. I should also mention that he wasn't wearing his glasses and didn't read 100% of the text.

- All good.
- He wondered why his Clonk makes so heavily annoyed sounds when he wanted to eat a mushroom (at full hp).
- When he was using the loam over the acid sea, he messed up the bridge with the loam but it didn't seem to bug him. :)
- One bug occured right after the beginning. He run towards the first clonkine and pressed SPACE while running. He kept running and couldn't stop because the dialog popped up. He spammed SPACE to stop his Clonk... This happened later a second time with another NPC.
- The second bug occured right after that. He knew he had to collect some stones with dynamit but he used the shovel and he was lucky (or unlucky) because he saw 3 stones in the earth before he got down to the dynamit. So he took them and then the dialog was broken until he exploded his first dynamite. This can be fixed by only placing 2 stones in the scenario e.g.
- One very positive thing: He had a lot of fun with the water physics. He made a few big holes only to flood them again.
- He mentioned that you can dig too fast with the shovel and that the pickaxe is perfect and makes a lot of fun.
- He was good in using the furnace but not fast in understanding the "surrounding"-mechanic in the inventar when collecting and dropping things. I think he didn't understood the "surrounding"-icon or wasn't reading the text. When I asked him what the icon should be, he said "mountains" (lol).
- When he was chopping down trees he laughed a bit at the way the tree falled down (positiv). While he was chopping on the second fallen tree, he asked "it's not working when the tree is not shaking?". I noticed that he was thinking this because fallen trees do not shake when being chopped like trees that are still standing. Because I thought so much about this, I didn't even realize that he wasn't using the sawmill. :D But that's likely because of the glasses.
- He was pretty fast in understanding which materials are undestroyable (Brick). Only one time he was not sure whether he was standing in front of iron material or in front of what called "bombs".
- All good.
- When he attacked the first Clonk with javelins from the right side, he was often hitting the edge. I have to admit that the angle looked okay but the javelin hit the edge anyway...
- When he killed the first enemy, he randomly digged to the water on the left side and attacked the fish with a javelin. His first javelin hit a fish and made a sound but he asked me whether he hit it. I said yes and asked whether he wants to see blood because I thought he wasn't sure whether he really hit the fish or just another wall. He didn't answer my question about the blood but said that the fish should be dead now since "they are fish and no tanks".
- The rest of scenario was pretty nice, he only said that he exptected that the bow would shoot less far when the mouse is near to the Clonk.
- In the beginning, he was using the inventar and was able to remove the materials in the shipyard. I didn't see him throwing it down the skyland but I had no clue where the materials went so we restarted. I will try to repeat this... :o
- On the second try, he used some metal from the first building to build the compensator instead of buying it and when he was supposed to build the plane he didn't know how to (again mainly lack of reading the text).
- Skipped after he falled down from the blimb after bats damaged him a lot. He didn't die so he was not able to get on the blimb again.
- I told him that this scenario is intented to be a bit hardcore: But on his second try he surprised me when he was able to bring up an empty lorry to the start.
- Then he only focused on removing the water and everything he did with the pumps worked fine. Of course his huge room was pumped full to the top with the endless water. I began explaining metal walls to him and that the ocean is endless but he didn't understand this endless water or how to stop it at all. He continued flooding everything and gave up. Good that it is not possible to kill NPC...

Things I remember but don't know where:
- At one point the text commands you to press "[Sp]" instead of "[Space]". When he asked me I accidently said "SPringen" instead of Space... I was not able to find the string in the StringTblDEs.
- We found one missing German string, I will try to find it.
Parent - - By Marky [de] Date 2017-09-11 17:33

>He wondered why his Clonk makes so heavily annoyed sounds when he wanted to eat a mushroom (at full hp).

Should I add a help message in the tutorials for that?
Parent - - By Zapper [de] Date 2017-09-11 18:01
The better question: what did he think would happen and why did he try to eat the mushroom?
Parent - By Mupf [de] Date 2017-09-11 21:28
He tried to eat the mushroom because he wanted to eat the mushroom and I guess he expected that he would eat the mushroom.
Many (most?) games let you use food, healing potions and whatnot although you're at full HP.

How about a kind of "show hints" setting that you can toggle on and off? Set to on, it would e.g. write "Can't eat when at full health" for the mushroom. Experienced players or those who want to figure everything out themselves could turn it off and be fine. Only makes sense of course if many objects could and would make use of that.
Parent - By Clonkonaut Date 2017-09-12 17:14
I vaguely remember opposing this change with food items and see what came around to bite us!
Parent - By Maikel Date 2017-09-12 17:44
This has very little to do with the tutorials. From time to time we still use a message above the clonk, why not use that?
Parent - By Maikel Date 2017-09-12 17:46

> I should also mention that he wasn't wearing his glasses and didn't read 100% of the text.

That makes some of the comments pretty useless, especially those for tutorial 7 and 8 where reading is quite essential. I will have a look at the other ones and see where something can be improved.
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