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- - By Foaly [de] Date 2020-04-11 22:29

when I run OpenClonk, the colors are really washed out and too bright.

In windowed mode it is quite a bit brighter than it should be.
In fullscreen mode it is so bright that it is hard to make anything out.

Only in the editor, the colors look right.

I assume that OC does something wrong when setting up the context / framebuffer, as this does not happen with any other application.
Maybe it is right in the editor, because the GL context of it is set up by Qt.

My GPU is an Nvidia GTX 750 Ti with fairly recent drivers (441.66), but I remember the same issue existing for quite a while now.
I'm running Windows 10.

I will attach a screenshot with the editor on the left, and windowed mode on the right.
Attachment: washed_colors.png (1024k)
Parent - By roboclonk [de] Date 2022-03-16 09:26
I had the same problem with OpenClonk 8.1

Using the latest snapshot fixed the problem for me!
Up Topic General / Help and Questions / Washed out colors

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