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- By Newton [de] Date 2011-09-13 02:02 Edited 2011-09-29 21:32

Script - general:
* Removed DefCore entries Edible, Prey, Growth, NoSell and Rebuy
* Removed OCF_Edible, OCF_Prey, OCF_Living
* Differentiate between COMD_None and COMD_Stop
* Empty function parameters default to nil instead of 0
* obj->~foo() cannot have whitespace between -> and ~ anymore
* arr[-x] returns the x-th last element of an array now, arr[i:j] ranges
* Scenario.txt: Definition1 defaults to Objects.ocd
* Added RelaunchPlayer callback which is called after last crew member died

Script - functions:
* Added function DigFreeMat
* Changed functions SetSkyParallax, BlastObjects, ScheduleCall, AddMsgBoardCmd, GetDefinition (all documented)
* Fixed functions HSLa, SetGraphics, GetTurnDirection, CreateScriptPlayer
* SetPlrExtraData and SetCrewExtraData can store strings now
* Removed unimplemented Par(n)=foo
* Removed reference parameters for functions

Script - properties:
* Replace the sorting functionality of Categories with a Plane property
* Removed trainable and permanent physicals from the DefCore, they are now (Action) properties
* Replaced Collectible and Grab DefCore value with Collectible and Touchable property
* Effects are now also proplists
* Effects can declare named variables (properties), removed EffectVar()

Engine - general:
* Changed OpenClonk file extensions to ocs, ocg, ocd, ocf, ocp, oci, ocm, ocb, ocv, ocl and ocu
* Added UTF-8 support
* Removed loading of BMP definition graphics and portraits
* Log to record file, too, when recording
* Removed portraits
* Revive the possibility for rivalry in the round evaluation dialogue
* Load additional player control defs from definition local System.ocg files
* win32: Log a stack trace on assertion failure
* win32: Remove duplicate file type association code from the engine
* TONS of code cleanup work
* Fixed various mesh loader bugs (#602,...)
* Fixed various memory leaks
* Fixed player properties dialogue
* Fixed various savegame issues
* Fixed crash when script players join the game (#571)
* Fixed wrong video mode selection
* Fixed unable to change resolution and fullscreen (#600)
* Allow resolution change with mismatching display refresh rates
* Fixed hang on exit
* Fixed solidmask zoom on zoomed graphics (#639)
* Fixed viewport drawing in fullscreen mode
* Fixed miscellanous win32 and sdl issues
* Removed unconditional infinite loop in C4GameObjects
* Fixed a possible access violation through effects
* Fixed /help notice is not correctly displayed in IRC chat and removed RWD notice
* Fixed joining network game in edit mode (#649)
* Don't complain about invalid topfaces for mesh graphics
* Fix control assignment set sortingby priority  (#641)

Game logic:
* Structures do not automatically remove snow and flyashes
* Corpses can burn
* Do not change Controller on Enter for Alive non-C4D_Livings
* Solidmasks can also move floating objects
* Material objects dug free can be forced to be collected

C4Script interpreter:
* Added a standalone C4Script interpreter
* Various improvements and optimizations to the script interpreter
* Correctly backtrace C4Script exceptions
* Optionally warn about empty function call parameters and array expression entries
* Do not print a deleted-object-warning while warning about that object
* Remove some unnecessary inspections of callers of builtin functions
* Fixed crash when parsing a function call with more than ten parameters
* Fixed crash trying to display stringtable-not-found error message (#588)

* Added Antialiasing feature
* Added high resolution shader landscape rendering
* Added possibility to animate material textures, added animated water
* Digging and blasting now produce more natural shapes
* Separate graphic for "Mouse Over" for main-menu buttons and Icons
* Zoom of GUI elements is dependent on viewport resolution
* Impoved map to landscape algorithms to create a smoother landscape

* Lots of GTK editor enhancements
* Lots of Mac cocoa editor enhancements
* File/Save creates a savegame when the original scenario was one
* File/Save Game As correctly preserves the Origin
* Fixed various crashes in editor mode
* Fixed various GTK editor issues
* Fixed various Mac cocoa issues
* Fixed property window doesn't open in editor (#635)
* Fixed a crash on reload definitions (#76)
* Fixed crash when opening a second viewport for the same player
* Fixed window creation in editor mode
* Fixed possible crash on initial window creation
* Fixed starting the engine with a scenario with a trailing slash
* Fixed infinite loop if the first scenario failed to load (#592)

Win32 Installer:
* Installer creates a startmenu shortcut that launches the editor
* Only register the uninstaller with add/remove programs
* Cut unnecessary pages from the installer

* Fixed FindNextEntry
* Removed unused -a, -m, -e, -d, -r, -o commands
* Removed Maker information.

Game Content

Game content - general:
* Added control: collect (into backpack)
* Added script-side bubble implementation (removed engine-side implementation)
* Added script implementation of the fire effect
* Finish balloon with sound and graphics
* correct the display of the rope and grapple hook and the clonk's position on it
* Fixed water jump
* Fixed friction values for the Rock
* Reset clonk action when they enter a plane
* Cannon and lorry don't fall off the sides of the map
* Parkour: Safety against creating checkpoints outside landscape bounds
* Parkour: checkpoint may now clear materials behind it
* Applied friction to ore (no more phasing for ore)
* Fixed a C4Script runtime error for unavailable hotkeys
* Usage of item is cancelled if (another) item is thrown
* Stop can now return -1 to keep that object as used object (part of #483)
* Prevent clonk from swimming in solids
* Remove unused MGranite
* Fixed cannon rotation
* Performance optimizations for the backpack and health/breath tubes
* Prevent HUDadapter from throwing runtime errors for non-crewmember clonks
* Fix grappler also shots on cancel
* Grappler: fixed division by zero (#613)
* Clonk now moves his legs while aiming with the bow (#640)

Graphics and Sound:
* Added new HUD
* New textures for ruby, ametyst, bricks, earth and snow
* Replaced a sky texture
* New clonk-head graphics
* Removed Cursor graphics in different sizes
* More detailed crosshair graphic
* Changed graphics of earth to look like earth more
* Changed Marker visuals of the flag
* Tweaked musket animations
* Fixed sword visuals a bit
* Clonk doesn't contort or moonwalk when using shield with right hand
* New graphics for the powder keg
* Changed snowflakes to be much smaller
* Added splash effects for swimming
* Added a backpack graphic on the clonk's back
* Fixed and improved some Clonk animations, added chop, dive and magic animation
* Added graphic rotation during scaling and animation for scaling top corners
* New winch graphics
* Fixed animation glitch for KneelUp animation (#328)
* Added new icons for scoreboard
* A bunch of new and/or improved frontend graphics
* Clonk doesn't stop digging automatically when he hits a wall

* Added Scorched Gardens deathmatch scenario with telekinetic gyroglove
* Hideout: Fixed warnings, removed floating edge
* MoltenMonarch: Fixed landscape (bottom lava)
* Overcast: Completely redesigned
* Tutorial 4: Fixed opponent creation
* Tutorial 4: Fixed AI movement for swordman
* Guardians of the Windmills: fixed evaluation data
* Remove some tools from shiver peak
* Removed clouds blocking the view in Shiver Peak
* FrozenFortress, Hideout: CTF goal set to fix 2

* Added Clonk can roll off
* Clonk can jump off walls (with new animation).
* Clonk cannot control his movement while tumbling anymore
* Changed maximum walking speed of the Clonk by 0.04 pixel/frame to fit jumping speed
* Jumping acceleration lowered by 0.2 pixel/frame
* Musket does 15 damage now instead of 10 (the bow does 6-12)
* No jumping facing backwards
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