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In Response to Clonkonaut
I added a new repos branch: Settlement

This branch is to implement and test all settlement related parts which are planned but in the last year of developed received no final attention in terms of graphic.

The purpose of the branch is to have things ready as soon as someone finishes the respective model. Also to motivate people to finish the model since the gameplay mechanic is already done or in testing. It also enables scripters to work at stuff without the tedious wait for graphic designers.

I started by adding almost all of the missing structures (except for the Spinning Wheel): Armory, Chemical Lab, Kitchen, Inventor's Lab and Shipyard.

The idea is that as soon as the models for a production line are done, one needs only to cherry-pick the changesets related to the respective objects. For this it is necessary to very carefully choose your committ message. Please make sure that one changesets only includes stuff that is either standalone or only dependent on changesets of the same category. Just have a look at the initial committ I did to get the notion. Preceding the message there is always a category to make sure to which objects the changesets is in relation to.

Feel free to implement everything from the DD in this branch and just use some placeholder graphics.

The tasks that are finished in the Settlement branch are marked in red in the DD.

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