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- By PeterW [gb] Date 2011-05-14 22:23
Zapper asked me to write up parts of the design that might be sufficiently discussed to be implemented (at least as a prototype).

Sources: my initial sketch, fleshing out the final idea, Zapper's writeup.

Known objections:
* ala would like flags to be able to claim individual buildings, even if the region was already claimed by another flag before

Flagpole mechanics

A flag is an object that can be carried around. It has a fixed owning team, which can't be changed in its lifetime.

If activated by a friend in a region that isn't claimed by an enemy, it starts the construction of a flag pole. If in the time of construction its standpoint gets claimed by another flag, it automatically starts deconstructing.

After the flag pole is fully constructed, it "claims" a certain region around it. The claimed region consists of everything inside a certain radius, minus what might be claimed by a flag that was planted earlier. See Zapper's sketch.

If a player stands in front of a flag (fully or partially constructed) and interacts with it, it starts deconstructing. The deconstruction can be reversed by interacting with the flag pole again.

To prevent "flip-flopping", it should not possible to interact with a flag if an enemy Clonk is close.

After the flag pole is fully deconstructed, it stops claiming the region around it. It then reverts to being an object and can be taken away, e.g. by the enemy.

Ownership effects

Certain objects might react to being claimed by a flag. As a rule of thumb, this should apply to most "buildings" (static elements), but not to "vehicles".

Such objects should change their "owner" (in the classic CR sense) once claimed, and should show its team's colors to signify that. If unclaimed, such objects should automatically revert to having "no owner".

Owned objects should allow no interaction with enemy players. When an object changes owner, all menus opened by enemies should be closed. Note that this doesn't mean that the building in question ceases function when approached by an enemy - for example a lab set to auto-produce might continue production in this situation.
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