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- - By The Killtech [de] Date 2014-04-28 15:51

i've been playing clonk rage with some friends for a time. we played only cooperatively and since the original game didn't offer lasting challenges we started to use mods and later began modding ourselves. so with the years a huge mod grew out of this that adds many many features to the game with the focus of long lasting difficult coop settlement scenarios. now seeing openclonk and that its script documentation is very much the same as for clonk rage i wondered if it is possible to convert it somehow to work with OC. however even my first attempts in installing the developing enviorment for OC were met with failure...

so is there a way to converting rage mods to OC? and if so how big of a task is it and would it be worth it?
Parent - By Kanibal [de] Date 2014-04-28 19:19
Hey there and welcome to the forum :-)

The desire to convert CR-content to the OC-engine is not really new - there were already a few people before you requesting exactly the same thing. As for myself, being one of these people, I wrote a bunch of python-scripts to do at least the boring repetitive tasks automated. But at this point, I'm afraid I have to disappoint you. I haven't yet found a reliable method to do all required steps, which include (not limited to) at least these:
- Convert all materials by creating new textures, which are already colored by the material (i.e. EarthSmooth.png)
- Adapt the Scenario.txt to match the new OC-style of scenario-definition, for example the HomeBase-Material and so on. This will probably have to be done by c4script.
- convert the old #strict/non-strict scripts to the new style: for example instead of GetX(pObj) you now write pObj->GetX()
- convert the ActMap.txt's to script. Guenther already made a neat little python script for that job, you can find it in the repository

As you can see, there is a lot to be done if you want to run CR-content with the OC-engine. At this point and for small, scenario-only packs I'd recommend you just adjust your files by hand. If I remember correctly, there's a guide for that in the documentation.

Good luck, anyway!
Parent - By Newton [th] Date 2014-04-29 05:58
I venture to say that Clonk Rage is not that different from OpenClonk. I remember that Sven2 said recently that he was surprised how easy it is to convert CR content for OpenClonk.

That said, I'd say it pretty much depends on what you want to port to OpenClonk.
The biggest changes were works on the script engine, so scripts will be the most work, scenarios not that much. There is a wiki page about the changes in C4Script from CR to OC, that should serve you well. Also, feel free to contribute to the wiki page if you find any more difficulties when converting your game content.

> however even my first attempts in installing the developing enviorment for OC were met with failure...

If you mean the eclipse plugin C4DT: You don't have to use it. Like with Clonk Rage, you can unpack the scenarios and just use the explorer and your editor. I do it like that and I know that at least Sven2 also develops like that.
Otherwise, if anything is broken with C4DT, Mortimer (the author of that plugin) would be grateful if you reported the bug so that he can solve it.
Parent - - By The Killtech [de] Date 2014-04-30 01:11
that is good to hear that OC can still be modded with any simple editor.

our mod is a total conversion mod. while it contains some scenarios these are only small fraction of it. the majority is script. and since we added a lot of functionality to the basic objects like the clonk there is no easy way converting it anyway. and testing around OC i realized that some things work differently here thus our economy would need some adaptations at some point.

anyhow i wonder if there are others interested in such long-lasting coop gameplay and helping adding that to OC. we've played a round OC today and it really feels very empty and offers little options compared to what we got used to - but the engine has of course more potential then CR (especially in control aspects).

to give you an overview of what our mod included:

* enviorment rules
- groundwater: digging deep causes water dripping from walls (automatic placing of temporary water sources on water-permeable materials below the groundwater level). peach is needed to seal walls off. otherwise one will need pumps.
- gravity erosion: soft materials like earth could crumble from ceilings if pylons are not erected to stabilize it (using wood logs).
- evil crows: once players settlement is sufficiently developed crows start to spawn that attack the players. they'll retreat if injured and try to eat food to heal. they can even enter buildings and steal some content.
- cursed stones: the deeper one goes the higher the chance some of the mined stones might be cursed. a cursed stone might activate in the presence of a clonk and start haunting him (throwing himself onto the clonk causing damage).
- undermined basements: unlike the original clonk we allowed buildings only to be placed on solid ground. if there is none below the basement it begins to crumble and the building takes damage. so no buildings in the air anymore.
- no disappearing materials: digging will not make earth to simply disappear. earth clumps have been reworked quite a bit causing a major obstacle to digging deeper if not transported away.
- restricted fiel of view, torches to extend it
- many changes to the behaviors of different materials.

* settlement
- elevators and bridges: multiple different elevator + changes so that they can pass through bridges (solid mask disappears shorty to let the elevator pass). furthermore clonks can climb bridges up and down by using double down or up keys (walk ontop or hangle below). finally bridges were made let water pass through. also added cranes to transport larger objects like unplaced bridge elements, trains, ...
- ladders
- many changes to electricity + a hydroplant (from another mod) + "Stromturm" (works like an accumulator) + special info displays on power levels. many buildings have a more detailed engery mechanic. e.g. pumps consume energy depending on the pumping height and become less efficient when they have to pump water up very far up. elevators become slower with less energy.
- limited inventory for all buildings.
- most buildings need an operator in order to work.
- trade cantor with prices fluctuating with product availability, sell price < buy price,
- food production and housing building that can produce new clonks (with food and other stuff).
- extended chemical processing, added refinery and silo for processing of fluids, extended explosives.
- coking plant + forester hut with special production mechanism. also many changes to trees.
- mint + special interaction of coins with the trade contor and other buildings
- hydraulic jackhammer + compressors to power it (one mobile, one building)
- a lot of the magic stuff from the original mods: spells, amulets (i also added an amulet that allows the clonk to fly), potions, alchemy, magic bag (extends inventory), ...
- vehicle upgrades
- building repair option, decompose buildings
- deep sea buildings and resources (from original deep sea mod)
- diving equipment with diving help and air pimp (from another mod, reworked and adapted).

* other
- leg up ("Räuberleiter")
- clonk context menus: find object, display of connected lines (energy, pumps), activate/deactivate clonk, temporary takeover frindly clonk,
- special rules for leaving/joining the game such that players aren't reset if they leave a game and join it much later on. so clonks of players that leave are left in game.
- debugger clonk mr. fixit (invulerable, can move all objects around to unstuck them, delete them or create new ones).

i could upload it if anyone is interested checking it out.
Parent - By Newton [th] Date 2014-04-30 05:51

Yeah, many things are different in OC, a total conversion based on CR content will be too much to convert 1:1 since we have not that much content and the content we have is absolutely differen. However, do you know the Golden Zap Edition? It is an attempt to improve Clonk Rage. Perhaps you can dump some of your total conversion into this edition.

However, some of your changes sound really interesting also for OpenClonk. Especially the environment rules like ground water, gravity erosion, evil crows (or other animals), cursed stones, restricted fiel of view, torches to extend it.
We have been searching for settlement challenges, these could be added to the game.

(the links lead to old discussions and works on that)
Parent - - By Pyrit Date 2014-04-30 21:50

>(solid mask disappears shorty to let the elevator pass).

May I ask you how you did that? :) Does it "cut" a small hole the size of the elevator case into the solidmask, or does the whole solidmask of the bridge disappear?
Parent - - By The Killtech [de] Date 2014-04-30 22:39 Edited 2014-04-30 22:41
it is a somewhat complicated mechanism to make it all work smoothly without any unwanted objects falling through. if i remember correctly the solid mask of the bridge is a separate object that splits into multiple parts such as to exactly fit the passing elevator (it's quite a while since i touched this code). the communication between elevator and the bridges was also quite difficult in order to be efficient, always work correctly and never hinder the elevator case (the elev behaves like the bridges weren't there at all). the only thing not perfect about this system is that if there is a lot of water flowing over the bridge and an elevator passes through it some of it will pass rapidly as well. on the other hand i made bridges drip through any fluids anyway but that is a slower process.

also the mod contains pyrite, lol (a component when refining lava).

in any case i wanted to register to clonk forge and through about uploading the whole thing there so anyone interested can check it out (or even develop it further). no sense keeping it for myself and oblivion. but i cannot register. i have neither a clonk ID nor a webcode (not sure what these even are and where to get them. not much explanation there). i also tried to upload it once on CCAN but it was too large or something. and ideas?
Parent - By Pyrit Date 2014-05-01 00:03
I certainly would be interested in it. And I bet I'm not the only one, sounds like you got an awesome and elaborate mod there!

The guy who maintains clonkforge is Tyron, maybe you could send him a private message here in the forum, or the Clonkspot forum. (I think he's a bit more active on Clonkspot)
Parent - By Tyron [at] Date 2014-05-01 17:21 Edited 2014-05-01 17:54
Since I happen to read this topic I sent you an invitation via private message, with it you'll be able to register without clonk id/webcode :-)
Parent - - By The Killtech [de] Date 2014-05-01 01:06
anyhow, i've uploaded our whole Mod on some arbitrary upload site that was first on googles result list

i've also included the Objects.c4d and System.c4g because it might be that we have modified them at one point.
Parent - - By Tyron [at] Date 2014-05-01 17:51
Perhaps you want to try - your upload site requires the use of a proprietary download manager
Parent - - By Pyrit Date 2014-05-01 17:52
Try klicking

>Download: OurMod.rar 

at the very top ^_^
Parent - By Tyron [at] Date 2014-05-01 17:53
Ow, sneaky. Thanks for the hint.
Parent - - By The Killtech [de] Date 2014-05-01 23:53
Thanks, i just registered to CCF and will try to upload the whole thing there as a project. But not today. it's a bit late.

Yet there is a big obstacle i didn't thought of before:
the mod has no name! (we only call it "our mod" internally).
Parent - By boni [at] Date 2014-05-02 20:55
LoT - Lots of Tweaks.
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