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- - By Clonkonaut [de] Date 2017-04-11 13:13 Edited 2018-07-26 19:29
The king is dead.
An unknown assailant found a way into the castle of King Harx, who later was called 'The Cruel'. Against all odds, Harx The Cruel was killed. The assailant quickly vanished, leaving chaos in the keep. Afterwards, many citizens claimed to have seen that person, even helped the cause. Some of which who boasted were killed by angry mobs. Not everyone hated Harx as passionately as others. But too many did. They found Harx' system of taxation unjust and his claimed monopoly over all oil oppressive. However, soon everyone realised that Harx The Cruel had not been the monster they thought he was. He had been an economic genius, managing the kingdom's finance in a carefully balanced way. His diplomatic skills were unmatched as he maintained relationships with neighbouring kingdoms. Always knowing how to exert promises of friendship and threats of war. Without his leadership, the kingdom fell apart. Many small counties declared independence and a civil war erupted; once peaceful neighbours now viciously fought over resources that had once been shared. Other kingdoms took the opportunity to strike and seized the borderlands.

It has been five years since Harx' death. A relative peace has been established in the area that had once been the very heart of the kingdom. A senate, formed by aristocrats, gathered enough forces to get the population back under control. But with many fertile grounds lost, feeding everyone now poses a challenge as well as powerful enemies who still observe the situation closely. A rigorous military service was created to maintain a military strength capable of defending the New Republic, as the new nation was called. Though many of the inhabitants still referred to it as 'The Broken Kingdom'.

My personal goal of this project is to create a campaign which follows the story of the 'official' campaign from Missions. Taking place 5 years later. I don't know yet, how many scenarios to include. It took me a few months now to finish this first one, The Watchtower.
Some feedback is required now because there are probably a lot of things that I didn't realise that will break the scenario. I hope that no further explanation is necessary in addition to the description and ingame dialogue.

I developed this using my personal repository on this site! For super-latest versions and development status, go look there.
The source can be found on github!

Known bugs:
- No gamepad support. I don't know how the current status of gamepad support is, overall. The ending sequence requires a mouse so far. For gamepads, I will have to implement a virtual cursor and that hasn't been done so far. In case mouse + gamepad is possible then you can play it.
- The black screen effect doesn't cover the whole screen. Very weird, I will have to investigate.

Playing this does require the 8.0 release!

The package is released under CC BY 3.0 if not stated otherwise (in which cases see authors.txt in object folders).

Beinhaltet nat├╝rlich eine komplette deutsche ├ťbersetzung!
Attachment: CoN_Campaign1.ocf - v2 for 8.0 (3596k)
Parent - By Clonkonaut [de] Date 2017-04-11 13:56
I'll be happy to play a game during today's afternoon and then probably later in the evening (around 11pm). I will not be around during Easter but will still be happy to receive any feedback from playthroughs.
Parent - - By Clonkonaut [de] Date 2017-04-11 14:46
Blimey, part of the German translation is missing!
Parent - By Clonkonaut [de] Date 2017-04-11 16:34
Okay, that has been fixed and reuploaded!
Parent - - By Sven2 Date 2017-04-12 01:34 Edited 2017-04-12 01:54
Really well done! I loved the "open world" character of the round, i.e. that you could bypass some of the obstacles and already explore other parts of the map.

The NPC walking up the inventor's lab was super cool!

Some feedback:
1. The forest bats ("screechers"?) weren't very dangerous. Maybe they could bite more rapidly.
2. I think the bread counting script also counted bread that was just contained in the clonk and not placed in a chest yet
3. [10:11:26] ERROR: call to "FxTreeHuggingDamage" parameter 1: passed proplist, but expected int
4. Some more Everrock to prevent players from digging their way left to the "enemies"?
5. Underground, almost everything is pretty easily accessible. Some Everrock and Granite could be used to make it more interesting to explore below the surface.

6. The castle layout is about as exciting as a Plattenbau with its stacks of identical layers. Some ideas:
* Differently sized rooms (like a big throne room or entrance hall with gems as decoration).
* Coal material placed directly in the castle next to the foundries (so it looked like a heap of coal)
* There could be e.g. just two floors of the current size and a large tower in the middle, containing the inventor's lab on the tower at the top (you really didn't fill all that space anyway), so the player could also access the lower roof.
* Some vehicles on the roof (like a catapult and blimp that get destroyed during the attack sequence).
* Spin wheels to control some of the doors (but locked initially).
* A locked armory room with all kinds of weapons just as decoration (again using e.g. a locked spin wheel).
* Windows in the background wall (just leaving some blocks of sky in the background)
* Change floors such that you can also navigate the castle without the elevator. Waiting is so annoying with many players.

You could also host the map in a team editor session just to do the decoration. With 3+ people placing stuff, even with our limited objects, there's usually some nice results. K-Pone always placed lots of decorative stuff in our editor tests :-)
Parent - - By Clonkonaut [de] Date 2017-04-12 09:19

I'll see to fixing the bugs. And, yeah, the tower layout. It has been brought up now by several players. :D Wasn't too bad in singleplayer but I see the detriments to multiplayer. Someone suggested ladders between floors to bypass the elevator which is definitely something to consider. I'm not too keen on changing the overall structural layout since that would require redoing all the sequences. I think about it! Room-like structures are definitely a good idea. I'll host a multiplayer editor game then but after Easter. I will prepare a few custom objects beforehand (like static ladders).

Single points:

> like a big throne room or entrance hall with gems as decoration

Out of the question! This is a watchtower along a border wall, a strictly efficient military structure!

> A locked armory room with all kinds of weapons just as decoration

Wouldn't that be super tempting for players and raise the question, why in the later game they aren't allowed to access it? ;)
Parent - By Sven2 Date 2017-04-12 14:12

> Wouldn't that be super tempting for players and raise the question, why in the later game they aren't allowed to access it? ;)

Newbies need to build their own weapons of course. They are not allowed to ruin the perfectly polished swords of Sam and Paula!
Parent - - By Maikel Date 2017-04-13 16:56
I got seven script errors on loading with the newest snapshot, because of the relaunch changes as far as I can tell. I will definitely play this when it is fixed again. Let me know when you got to it!
Parent - By Clonkonaut [de] Date 2017-04-14 10:28
I don't have time right now as I am leaving over Easter. It was just a minor correction anyway, I exempted script players from being relaunched (which is super annoying anyway and should probably be done in Objects).
Parent - - By Wipfhunter [at] Date 2017-04-17 18:11
Really cool mission! Played it a few days ago in Multiplayer and enjoyed it a lot- especially the unexpected events and the RPG-like choices (which actually change the gameplay a little bit depending on the choice). Multiplayer time based democratic dialog choice voting was also cool!

Some Feedback:
-The names Forward and Backward Tower were a bit confusing, (especially combined with the reversed front line). Foreward Tower in the East/ Backward Tower in the West or something similar would be easier to understand
-When putting more than 40 stones into the lorry, (e.g. 50) -> Talking to Paula, Paula finishes her building -> Quest menu shows "current Stone progress: 10".
-When putting more than 20 metal into the armory, (e.g. 30) -> Quest progress on the top right side shows "Metal in the armory: 30/20"
-when 20/20 or more metal is in the armory, showing a phrase "Enough metal- now build a cannon" also in the top right side quest progress and not only in the quest menu would be nice.
  It took us some time until we looked into the quest menu to find out we now have to build a cannon with the metal
-If the player clonk dies, he gets his standard skin back.

-Would be nice for Multiplayer:
Some Quest-giving NPC dialog is unique the first time a player talks with Sam/Paula. Other players will miss this dialog part and only see what the NPC demands, but not when, by whom and which agreements were made.
Perhaps show the Dialog of the NPC/Choices of the NPC-interacting player as clonk-colored message over the respective clonk?
Or even better some general Message, e.g.: "[Name of NPC-Interacting player] agreed (on behalf of us) to collect 40 Stones for Paula"/ "Paula ordered [Name of NPC-Interacting player] (and therefore us all) to collect 40 Stones.
Parent - By Clonkonaut [de] Date 2017-04-18 10:09

> Perhaps show the Dialog of the NPC/Choices of the NPC-interacting player as clonk-colored message over the respective clonk?

Good idea, I was looking for a way to let other players know what's going on!
Parent - - By Maikel Date 2017-04-24 20:38 Edited 2017-04-25 13:17
Very nice! Especially the dialogues and the bat forest. What I did not like so much is the amount of walking around you need to do, I understand that it adds to the exploring, but it also adds to repetitive walking around with resources. And the map is not especially lorry friendly. Also a bit more liveliness in the round would be good, we have animals like fireflies and Wipfs for this.

All in all I liked it and more missions would be very much appreciated!

Here are some minor issues I found (haven't checked with the other stuff reported here):
* Those big crates have no interaction image.
* The black part of the background image shows when moving up and down.
* Water barrel skin not reset if emptied.
* Broken parts (e.g. cannon) do not seem to have enough vertices and move through parts of earth.
* Log sometimes displays "Spawn test".
* The goal does not display to build a cannon, this is slightly unclear.
* In the outro, when the three planes fly off you could add the engine sound.
Parent - - By Clonkonaut [de] Date 2017-04-24 22:04

> * Water barrel skin not reset if emptied.

Iirc, I haven't done anything to the barrel, so I guess this is a general bug?

I'll see to the rest. As for the running around part: you can't really use a lorry, yes, but you can use one of the plenty (small) crates to carry stuff!
Parent - By Maikel Date 2017-04-25 08:03
Indeed, the barrel was general, but I only made one list of issues.
Parent - By Clonkonaut [de] Date 2017-05-16 01:26

> Those big crates have no interaction image.

Can't do anything about that. I guess the problem is that the modell is huge and that is just to much for the camera.
Parent - - By Clonkonaut [de] Date 2017-05-16 01:31
Just a side note (I'm abusing this thread now): I had to remove the lava core because it was massively lagging. After about 10 minutes of gameplay, it multiplied to about 6 or 7 cores and I had framedrops down to 25 fps. Don't know why and the script profiler doesn't show what's going on. In case you want to test this, the creation lines are still in Objects.c, just commented.
Parent - - By Maikel Date 2017-05-16 01:32
I'll have a look at some point.
Parent - - By Sven2 Date 2017-05-16 03:34
Is it moving/rotating SolidMasks every frame? Because would be a huge slowdown (and not necesserily show up in the script profiler)
Parent - - By Maikel Date 2017-05-16 07:41
I guess so yes, the object with the solidmask is rotate every frame via SetR or rotation speed.

I guess we can come up with an alternative solution if there is no way to make this faster in the engine.
Parent - - By Zapper [de] Date 2017-05-16 10:23
Maybe the solid mask could only be active when it's frozen and on the surface of the lake (and therefore not moving)?
Parent - By Maikel Date 2017-05-16 14:48
Only when frozen should already do the trick probably, again player communication remains an issue :)
Parent - By Caesar [de] Date 2017-05-16 10:28
Unless the solid mask is mostly spherical and rotating around it's centre, I don't see a good way to speed it up in the engine. (From what I remember, that code is already relatively well optimized. You might find ways to make it a bit faster, but nothing immense.)
Parent - - By Apfelclonk Date 2017-04-30 11:42
I tried to play it today but it seems that the Relaunch_Rule rework has broken this too.
So there is nothin to report except that it would be cool to have a QuestManager(C4D_Goal?) in general, where the current quest is displayed, so you know what's up next. In other scenarios you have a hint on the upper right corner. Probably using this to open up a menu with all Quests-Steps and Sidequests. This could be reused in any other RPGish Clonkscen aswell.
Parent - - By Clonkonaut [de] Date 2017-04-30 11:58
Yeah, unfortunately, it doesn't run with current snapshots because these are broken. :/
I'm also waiting for the fixes with a bugfix update.

If unsure, you can of course always click the goal icon to see a verbose description.
Parent - - By Maikel Date 2017-04-30 12:15
What fixes are you still waiting for?
Parent - By Clonkonaut [de] Date 2017-04-30 12:18
Exactly what you mentioned in the other thread!
Parent - By Clonkonaut [de] Date 2017-05-16 01:27
Updated, should work now!
- - By Clonkonaut [de] Date 2017-05-16 01:27
Version 2 is out.

I (hopefully) addressed all of the little things mentioned in this thread. Also, the tower is now completely new. Thanks to Maikel, Sven2 and K-Pone for an awesome landscape designing job! The Watchtower should be finished now and I will therefore start working on the second scenario.
Parent - - By Marky [de] Date 2017-06-03 15:05
Do you have a hint for getting higher in the tower? I talked to the NPC in the basement, then I had no idea how to get up. Therefore I went to the left first and found another tunnel with no contents, and to the right there was a dark area where I got killed by bats apparently. There was no relaunch, so I quit the scenario.
Parent - - By Clonkonaut [de] Date 2017-06-04 11:07
Well, it seems that every change has its drawbacks. To reach the top floor, you have to use the elevator that waits for you at ground level. It connects all tower floors.

In Version 1, the elevator was the only way to get to the top and people complained about it being to slow for multiplayer, so now you have the ladders to go around. This probably makes it less obvious that there is an elevator. %) Didn't intend to make this a secret though. A small hint: for the time, you need to grab the elevator case and cannot call it. Maybe that blocked you?
Parent - - By Marky [de] Date 2017-06-04 11:36
Then maybe the attachment here is wrong? You said that it is V2, but the filename is CoN_Compaign1.ocf, and it contains an error that Rule_Restart is not there -> this probably leas to the elevator not being created (I see neither elevators nor ladders)
Parent - - By Clonkonaut [de] Date 2017-06-04 11:41 Edited 2017-06-04 11:43
I just checked, the attachment is the correct version. It's easy to spot since the whole layout of the tower has changed. The "1" is me being ambitious in thinking that there might at some point be a second campaign by me. ;)

Are you absolutely sure you don't have the old version lying around somewhere? In Appdata maybe where it takes priority over the OC directory or something (or maybe priority is the other way round?). The correct version has some coloured statues right next to the spawn, so you see it right away:
Parent - By Marky [de] Date 2017-06-04 11:54
Yes, I think that I have the old version then. It was difficult to tell, because I did not play the scenario before, so I have no idea how the old one is supposed to look :) Downloading again soon
Parent - - By Marky [de] Date 2017-06-04 14:39
Yep, now it was obvious how to get there. Currently I am stuck at making bread - getting seeds is no problem, but I have no idea where to make them into flour. Is there a mill somewhere? Since the gate to the east is closed I cannot get into the wood.
Parent - - By Clonkonaut [de] Date 2017-06-04 18:12
You have to construct a mill ;) Hammers are available in the chests.
Parent - - By Marky [de] Date 2017-06-04 20:20 Edited 2017-06-04 22:16
Where can I get water? I dug around the earth and found several secrets, but no water :)


Finished it! The ending sequence was great! There, I noticed that the savegame player was still in the game (this was probably the clone Samuel), so I got points and the savegame player received points, too.
Parent - By Clonkonaut [de] Date 2017-06-04 22:15
From the tower's cellar, dig to the left, not too far down! It's very close-by.
Parent - - By Marky [de] Date 2017-06-04 19:47
Found some problems with savegames:
- the game does not start normally - instead I get a spectator-menu that lets me join players
- when joining the game with a player I can choose to enter the attacking team
- there is a second Samuel: One that works with the boompacks, after the siege cutscene, one that is in the initial position, doing nothing
Parent - - By Clonkonaut [de] Date 2017-06-04 20:11
Don't know if I can do anything about the player selection / team joining (sounds like engine-stuff to me) but I'll have a look at the duplicated Samuel.
Parent - By Marky [de] Date 2017-06-04 20:24
That might also be my first clonk... I remember that I saved near the kitchen.
Parent - By Clonkonaut [de] Date 2017-06-04 11:36

> There was no relaunch

Uhm, what D: That is not supposed to happen.
- - By Clonkonaut Date 2018-02-06 16:24
I have replaced the file with a new one. Just minor fixes here, so the scenario works with OC 8.0.

Also, to prove that I am still working on more (even so everyone can check in my repository!), a little video.

The horrors of war are coming to the New Republic and you will be in the middle!

Parent - - By Maikel Date 2018-02-06 16:26
Cool, looks very nice, all these strange contraptions out of the usual objects!
Parent - - By Clonkonaut Date 2018-02-06 16:34
I am also trying to make use of models that are lying forgotten in the resource repository. Like the gatling gun!
Parent - - By Fulgen [at] Date 2018-02-06 20:25
The clonk binds his shoes while getting shot? I want that armour!
Parent - By Clonkonaut Date 2018-02-06 20:52
It's plot armour, of course.
Parent - - By Maikel Date 2018-02-15 17:55
Just checked out your repos, but there seem to be some errors in the first dialogue. Is it already supposed to work?
Parent - By Clonkonaut Date 2018-02-15 18:28
It is! I'll have a look and will push the latest stuff.
Parent - - By Clonkonaut Date 2018-02-15 18:38
I just pushed a few more things. As I am the only one developing in that repository, I am sometimes a bit sloppy with pushing. There might have been a bug in the memory system with your version.
I also tend to push the scenario script with debugs enabled so various things are skipped. Just now I pushed a version with no debug skips, so you can play from the beginning. Mind you, the real gameplay is something I am just about to begin coding, so far you only get lots of dialogue and sequences. ;) But yeah, feel free to test and tell me if the error is gone.
Parent - - By Clonkonaut Date 2018-02-15 18:47
Meaning: right now I don't have any errors when starting either scenario, so I'd be particularly interested in any that you encounter!
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